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Forest Stearns
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Art is about enjoying the journey of Practice.

dA is a place to share this with the world.

I have had the honor of working with dA on a large range of Artistic Adventures. From being the Art Director of dA Brands where I illustrate and produce the clothing line to illustrating for all sorts of commercials, interviews, and collateral projects, to Beta Testing for the amazing program dA muro.

Currently I am a Freelance Illustrator and Art Director looking for new and exciting work hopefully localized in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Both academically and empirically trained, I love the opportunity to draw with friends and produce for interested clients. Lets Rock!

Residence: Oakland



Pretty Ugly Monster Portraits!
I will draw YOU or your OC as a wonderfully grimy monster in my favorite drawing style. The media could be traditional or digital depending on the day. You provide the photo reference and I provide the page killer. I will send you the digital file for you to use as a badge or avatar. Awesome!

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AmirBeniz said the following:

I am a High school senior at the moment, and I'm choosing colleges to further develop my inspiration for art.
Right now I'm in a rut to decide which school to go to and how I am to pay for it.
I've been drawing everyday since I was a child but my art hasn't gotten to the professional level, ya know like yours.
What do you think I should do?

Re: Did you go to school for this? 
from $draweverywhere
to ~AmirBeniz
Hello there! 

I greatly appreciate note and I can say that I know exactly how you are feeling about the next steps from high school into art land. On your page it says "I am an upcoming artist whom generally started out drawing marvel superhero stick figure comics and grew up wanting to become part of Marvel's team of comic artists." I can honestly say now that I was saying the same thing when I was your age. 

So first off, I applaud you for asking for advice and setting goals to be a better artist. Art is not easy, it does not come naturally, and you must love doing it for it to resonate in you. I was not good when I was young, just hungry to be good, it took lots of bad drawings to do good drawings. But I loved it and pushed forward, excited to get better, while actively showing my work to others for critique all along the way. 

To answer your question: YES, I went to school for art. Lots of school, I have 4 college degrees including a Master's and that was a lot of time in class doing art. But School is not for everyone, and when I was your age I did not know I could do what I am doing now. I wasn't really even college material when I was 18 and way to immature to jump into an Art College. 

My advice for you is to PRACTICE all the time. What makes me a good and successful artist isn't just my college education, it is the fact that I have drawn tens of thousands of drawings in my sketchbooks and made hundreds of paintings, been in over a hundred art shows and read endless books on art. I got good at art because I love doing art. 

Make a team of artists to work with and bounce ideas off of, challenge each other to do good work, have art shows, and draw togher as much as possible. Put in work and you will get better every day. 

If you are going to get good at something you have to do it A LOT! Art is the hardest thing to do professionally because you have to learn business, and the hustle, and people skills, and teamwork, and time management, and patience, and stay humble. ALL OF THIS, while you are learning technique, and concept of your art and how it fits into the art world around you. 

The biggest piece of advice that I got as a youth was to choose what I love best and practice it until I am the best I could be in the field, then there will always be work for you. 

I lived by that mantra for 15 years having a ton of different jobs and always doing art and developing my education. The whole time I was ruthlessly doing a ton of art, copying masters in all genres, exploring all sorts of mediums, reading lots of books, asking every question I could think of to everyone better than me, and saying yes to every artistic job opportunity that came around that I could do. 

In Graduate School, after I was through my rough years of Punk rock and Hip Hop angst, the best advice I was given was; Always carry a sketchbook, and always write down every good artistic idea you have and write down and draw anything that inspires you. This doesn't have to be beautiful finished drawing or beautifully written and edited text. This is the opposite. This is PRACTICE. The more ideas I write down, and the more observations I record, the better arsenal I have to apply to those random jobs that come up all the time. Because I practice my lettering all the time, I can do graphics in multiple fonts, since I draw characters all the time I can make any thing have a fun face, Since I practiced classical drawing techniques for hundreds of hours I can draw like the Classical masters, and Since I have spent hundreds of hours working in Photoshop I can manipulate my art into usable design for the marketplace in the digital world. And because I smile and am nice to people always, I always get asked to do good work by respectful and responsible clients who my not trust young people. I can do art on many media because I have done enough of it to have established my own style based on good design and my own swagger. It is unique because it is crafted, and this is just the beginning, I am getting better with every piece and always doing more. 

Be positive and full of love and compassion, this will bring you good luck. Learn good business practices, so you wont get screwed over by the jerks. 


draw more fear less! 

I would love to see more of your work, please post more my friend! What is your favorite style of work and who are your favorite artists? Let me know if you have more questions, I am honored that you asked my advice. 

Thank you for your time!


Good afternoon, my name is Forest Stearns and I am the Director of Art and Illustration at dA. That simply means that I artistically represent deviantART with my art 24/7 in both muro and traditional media. I love the artistic adventure of THE PRACTICE


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